Double Dips Empowers Student Interns Zoe and Zara Through NPHS Career Initiative

Double Dips, a beloved local establishment, proudly announces its successful collaboration with North Platte High School (NPHS) in hosting Zoe Brown and Zara Prieto for a transformative semester. Zoe and Zara, driven and enthusiastic students, participated in invaluable learning experiences as part of the NPHS College and Career Readiness Initiative.

Zoe Brown, in her role as an entrepreneur intern, utilized her school time to immerse herself in the dynamic world of business operations at Double Dips. Meanwhile, Zara Prieto engaged in comprehensive on-the-job training, contributing her enthusiasm and dedication to the day-to-day activities at the shop.

Throughout their time, Zoe and Zara worked closely with Double Dips owner, Lori, to innovate, enhance the shop’s operations, and brainstorm innovative ideas for Double Dips. Their contributions went beyond the regular duties as they embraced the challenges and opportunities presented.

The NPHS College and Career Readiness Initiative aims to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world applications. This initiative provides students like Zoe and Zara with the chance to apply their acquired knowledge, attitudes, and skills in practical occupational settings that align with their career interests and aptitudes. Double Dips is honored to be part of this transformative program that cultivates future leaders and professionals.

“We are immensely proud to have Zoe and Zara join us outside of their normal shifts at Double Dips.” expressed Lori Bergman at Double Dips. “The collaboration with NPHS has been incredibly rewarding, and we look forward to supporting more students on their journey towards a successful career and, Lord willing, contributing to Lincoln County.”

Double Dips extends its gratitude to NPHS for fostering such impactful initiatives and remains committed to supporting educational programs that empower and shape the future workforce.

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