Double Dips Scoops Top Prize for Best Sweets at Soups and Sweets Event

The annual Soups and Sweets event, hosted by NP Downtown, celebrated a sweet victory for Double Dips Ice Creamery as they clinched the esteemed title for the best sweets category. This delightful event, aimed at raising funds for the Partner Up Rodeo organization, featured an array of delectable treats from various local vendors. The proceeds from this event play a pivotal role in supporting the annual Partner Up Rodeo, an extraordinary experience tailored for students with disabilities.

Lori, the passionate and dedicated owner of Double Dips, expressed her elation at the recognition received for their irresistible sweets.

“We are incredibly honored to have been recognized for our commitment to crafting delightful sweets for our patrons,” said Lori.

In addition to Double Dips’ sweet victory, NebraskaLand National Bank secured the title for the best soup at the event. NebraskaLand Bank is known for providing exceptional personal and business banking services in North Platte and Kearney, NE. Their participation and success at the Soups and Sweets event contributed to the vibrant and supportive community atmosphere that encapsulates the NP Downtown events.

The Soups and Sweets event not only serves as a platform to celebrate local culinary talents but also stands as a testament to the community’s dedication to supporting causes such as the Partner Up Rodeo. Through the collective efforts of vendors like Double Dips Ice Creamery and NebraskaLand National Bank, the event’s success not only satisfies taste buds but also fulfills a noble cause.

For further information about Double Dips Ice Creamery, their delectable offerings, and future events, please visit ddicnp.com.

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