NP College Students Explore Local Entrepreneurship

Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2023
In an effort to bridge the gap between theory and practice, students from North Platte Community College’s College Success class embarked on an insightful field trip, immersing themselves in the world of local businesses within the North Platte Canteen District. This unique learning experience aimed to provide students with valuable insights into entrepreneurship and foster a deeper understanding of their community.

The participating students, hailing from various corners of the country and beyond, brought diverse perspectives and experiences to this hands-on educational venture:

  1. Aubrey Grant, of Richfield, Utah
  2. Tallianna Martin, of Stapleton
  3. Grace White, of Wiley, Colo.
  4. Riley Bortner, of McCook
  5. Anastazia Weir, of North Platte
  6. David Winkelmann, of LaVista
  7. Treyten York, of Scottsbluff
  8. Alex Schimek, of North Platte
  9. Sarah Perez, of San Antonio, Texas
  10. Rylee Hartnell, of Saskatchewan, Canada
  11. Kharmon Wells, of Fort Thompson, Colo.
  12. Jada Thompson, of Spring, Texas

The class visited three distinct establishments, each offering a unique perspective on entrepreneurship and contributing significantly to the local economy.

Whitetail Screen Print/Whitetail Cycle Sport

The first stop on the journey was Whitetail Screen Print/ Whitetail Cycle Sport, an establishment known for its dedication to quality printing and cycling products. Students were given a firsthand look at the meticulous craftsmanship involved in screen printing, as well as gaining insights into the thriving cycling culture within the community. The visit not only emphasized the importance of attention to detail in business operations but also highlighted the symbiotic relationship between local businesses and community interests.

Double Dips Ice Creamery

The next destination was Double Dips, a cherished local spot known for its delectable frozen treats. Here, students were welcomed into a warm and inviting environment, experiencing firsthand the impact that a small business can have on building a sense of community. Conversations with the owners shed light on the importance of customer service, quality products, and community engagement. Students left with a newfound appreciation for the role such enterprises play in shaping the social fabric of a town.

The Flower Market

The final leg of the journey led the students to The Flower Market, where they were enveloped in a fragrant oasis of blooms and greenery. This visit emphasized the artistry and creativity inherent in entrepreneurship, showcasing how a passion for a craft can evolve into a thriving business venture. The students witnessed firsthand the dedication and vision required to sustain a successful enterprise.

Through this immersive field trip, the College Success class at North Platte Community College not only broadened their knowledge of entrepreneurship but also forged meaningful connections with the local business community. The experiences gained on this outing will undoubtedly serve as a foundation for their future endeavors, instilling in them a deeper appreciation for the dynamic interplay between education and real-world application. This venture is a testament to the power of experiential learning and the immeasurable value it brings to academic pursuits.

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